Following are testimonials of young women who have participated in Beerlahai Roi Women's Ministries.

Ashley's Story - Ashley Chooses Life

My name is Ashley and I am 21 years-old.  My daughter Nariyah was born on September 10th of 2012.  My mother passed away in May but before she died she gave me some very good advice.  My boyfriend had suggested I have an abortion and was working very hard to convince me to go through with it.  My mother said "Ashley, you don't want to do that."  I am very thankful now I listened to her.  Nariyah weighed 5 lbs. 5 oz. when she was born and she is a beautiful child.

Shortly after Nariyah's birth I found myself homeless.  I was moving daily from place to place.  My grandmother called Beerlahai Roi Women's Ministries and they took in my daughter and I.  We now have a stable place to live because the home has helped me with a nice room, food, clothing and baby items.  I am working on my GED and looking for a job.  Since I've been here I've been going to church.  Thank you Beerlahai Roi for helping me and my baby -- I am very grateful.

Nicole's Story - God's Saving Power

My name is Nicole and I have lived at Beerlahai Roi about two months. Although I haven't been been here very long, my stay has really effected my life. I recently accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. This is a very big step for me and one that did not come easily.

Both of my parents died before I was eight.  They were both addicted to drugs and alcohol.  I was raised by a combination of my grandparents, orphanages, and foster care.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 14.  I was a very troubled teenager and began drinking ad using drugs to self-medicate.  I was released from DCFS a year ago and was extremely unprepared to live on my own. 

I stayed at both Salvation Army and Helping Hands.  I met a man at one of the shelters and thought I was in love.  We quickly move in together and started moving from town to town.  He was a drug addict and he had just as many problems as me, but we decided to get engaged and thought we were ready to have a baby. We ended up in Tennessee and I realized I was turning into something I didn't like. I was homeless, unhappy, and thinking about ending my life. I called my family for help. I found out I was pregnant by the man I left a month after leaving my brother. I was so scared. I was going to have to go through this alone. But my worst fear was behaving like my mother. She continued to use drugs throughout both her pregnancies and I did not want that. Somehow I had managed to stop drinking and smoking.

Now I am so excited. In another two months I am going to have a beautiful baby boy. Although this pregnancy is not what I would have called ideal, it is a blessing. I know that God has a plan for me. I am going to continue to study my Bible and learn about Jesus. I still have a lot of growing to do as Christian but I am thankful that Beerlahai Roi Women's Ministries is here to help me.

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